Mercado Coffee by Caravela

Why Buy From Us


Your Strategic Partner at Origin

We have 17 years of experience helping hundreds of coffee roasters from all over the world to build relationships with outstanding coffee producers from Latin America. We innovate and develop the potential of coffee farmers and communities that were once unknown, making an impact so that we can continue to enjoy coffee for generations to come.


Everybody Wins

We have on the ground operations in all the countries where we work, with full time buyers, professional cupping labs and teams of agronomists supporting farmers on a daily basis.

95% of the world’s coffee farmers are smallholders. Our model genuinely impacts the economic status of those farmers, and at the same time secures a traceable and reliable coffee for your business.



Every day, throughout Latin America we receive parchment coffee from our network of over 4500 producers in 45 purchasing warehouses and cupping labs.  Each lot is analyzed individually, first for physical quality – yield, % of defects, moisture and water activity. Then we roast and cup it, grading it according to cup quality.  The price premiums the producers receive correspond directly to the quality determined in the lab, and feedback is given either immediately in person or through our farmer text messaging service.

Once purchased, the lots built into larger sets, adhering to the specific taste profile of that particular micro-region and quality grade.  When a lot scores over 86 points, it’s separated as a microlot and marketed by the producer’s name.

This detailed process allows us to create our own brands made up of the coffee from a specific area, with a recognizable taste profile, and available in any quality grade, while rewarding the producers for their outstanding work.  This model enables our customers to plan ahead and to repeatedly buy according to a particular cup profile, quality level or price point as required.

Your Team on the Ground

None of the work that we do would be possible without our team of highly committed quality analysts, educators, mill and warehouse staff.  We employ over 150 people at origin – most of them sons and daughters of coffee farmers.

These are the people that make sure that we purchase and prepare only the best coffee for you and that coffee farmers are constantly improving and following sustainable production standards.