Mercado Coffee by Caravela

Shipping & Warehousing


Shipping & Warehousing


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If you are buying 60 kg or less sized bags, we’ve made shipping very easy by negotiating a flat rate with FedEx. When checking out just select the shipment option “DLD FEDEX - 60 KG OR LESS” and you will be charged a flat rate of $99 per unit for shipments to the United States and $149 per unit for shipments to Canada. Your delivery order will be immediately processed and sent to the warehouse for shipment. You will then be notified with an email that we’ve received your order, and another email with your FedEx tracking number when your order ships. Your order must be completed by 2PM EST to be processed same day.



Can’t pick just one? Or do you just need more than 60 kg? No problem! We’ve got a whole team that can help with that. When checking out select the shipment option “EXW FREIGHT - MORE THAN 60 KG” and we will process your order without any shipment costs added. After checking out you will receive an email confirming your order while our team will then reach out to our freight shipment vendors to find the most competitive rates for you. Our traffic department will then send you an email with shipment options for you to choose from. After you decide, we will send you an invoice for the shipment costs. Once the shipping invoice is paid, we will then process the delivery order to the warehouse who will release your coffee to the shipping company. Your shipment invoice must be paid by 2PM EST to be processed the same day.



If you would like to purchase coffee now and wait to ship it or even consolidate this order with another, we can do that. All you have to do is select “EXW - WAREHOUSE YOUR COFFEE” as your shipment option when checking out. You will receive an email confirming your order while we move this coffee to either your position with Caravela or upon request to your own position at the warehouse.  When you are ready to release your coffee, send a request to and we will help you through the  shipment process.

You will have 10 free calendar days of carry in the warehouse after you receive the confirmation email. After 10 days you will start accruing a carry interest charge of 1.5%, per month. Carry starts beginning month that coffee was placed in your position. These carry interest charges will be on your final invoice when requesting shipment. Maximum carry is four months. If any coffee remains in your position after four months from being placed in your position, all remaining coffee will be released and invoiced. All warehousing and loading charges will be on your shipment invoice as well.