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Peru Estela y Huanca, $5.25/lb. EXW

Peru Estela y Huanca, $5.25/lb. EXW

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Notes of fudge, floral vanilla, and grape, with a juicy body, and a bright peach acidity.

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A blend of two different single producer micro-lots from two different and distinct regions.

Half of this coffee comes from Anival Estrela Dias of the Guabal Province in the northern department of Cajamarca. Coffee has played a key role in Anival’s life. His parents used to be coffee producers and as Anival was growing up, his father taught him everything that he knoew about coffee. Anival's says that his depth of coffee knowledge is all because of his father and growing up o a farm. Anival used to help out where he could with the daily farm labor and always enjoyed hoping with de-pulping or washing the coffee. In 1985 Anival already one his own farm and produced coffee with his own family. Today Anival and his sons are responsible for the harvest and agricultural management while his wife takes care of the post-harvest [ropcess. Thanks tpo the production of coffee, Anibal has ben able to sustain his family, to offer his children education and to better the quality of life for the whole family.

In 2018 Anival attended a training session in his region hosted by a PECA educator from Caravela. Anival remembers the PECA educator presenting some recommendations on how to produce specialty coffee, how to harvest properly and the importance of processing each lot separately. For the 2018 harvest, Anival decided to follow the recommendations given by our team and then he took one of these lots that he had processed separately to our purchasing warehouse. Anival remembers “the cuppers at Caravela told me that they had liked my coffee very much and that it was special. That was when I started to involve myself with specialty coffees.”

The second half of this coffee was produced by Ceniceo Huanca from Sandia, Puno in southern Peru, where he farms on land surrounded by enormous an brethtaking mountains. Here the soil is ideal and you have the perfect climate and cools winds that help specialty coffee grow like weeks. Finca Chillima-ni, owened by Ceniceo Huanca and Alberta Chupa, has been producing coffee for nearly 30 years, but they have only been focused on specialty coffee for 2 years. Ceniceo loves this line of work, and he inherited his passion from his father, who was a traditional coffee producer in Peru during the 1960s. From his father, Ceniceo learned how to manage a farm. Today his favorite variety is Bourbon, which he loves not only because of the good prices that he receives for it, but for the delicious taste is has. Ceniceo loves to drink coffee as much as he loves to produce it.

Ceniceo and Alberta truly believe in respecting the environment. Every year, they pray and do a ritual to honor nature, showing their respect for how it helps them during the harvest/ They know that without nature, they wouldn’t be able to eat or be sustainable. For this reason, Ceniceo strives to produce coffee organically, always protecting the environment and conserving all the flora and faun on his farm. Ceniceo has many plans to continue improving the quality of his coffee qnd he plans, with the extra money gained, to invest his personal life and in the future of his children.