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Colombia San Sebastian, $4.75/lb. EXW

Colombia San Sebastian, $4.75/lb. EXW

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Balanced, round and sweet Colombian cup, showing notes of dark chocolate, citrus peel, red cherries and caramel

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San Sebastian is a Colombian specialty coffee produced by small growers in the municipality of San Sebastián de La Plata. The foundation of this small town it’s credited to when Sebastián de Balalcazar went passed by the region in search of “El Dorado”, or gold. When they were searching for gold, they encountered several silver mines, which were very common in the region, and that’s where the name La Plata comes from. Occicafe was founded in 2003 and was the result of the merger of several coffee grower associations that existed in La Plata at the time. Its members are small-scale coffee growers, whose farms range from 1 to 5 hectares. With the passing of years, the associations has increased its number of producers involved, maintaining the quality and consistency of the coffee.

Caravela Coffee has a dedicated team working side-by-side with producers. Due to the big potential of the region and its coee growers, we decided to implement virtual and educational spaces and a special program for coffee growers and their children, incentivizing a sustainable generational change.

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