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Colombia Nicolás Ocampo Maya - Natural Java, $12.50/lb. EXW

Colombia Nicolás Ocampo Maya - Natural Java, $12.50/lb. EXW



Notes of ripe strawberry, red wine, and watermelon, with a syrupy body and a juicy acidity.

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Finca La Julia hides within the mountains of the western range in the Colombian Andes and is currently managed by the second generation of the Ocampo Family. The siblings’ father started this farm decades ago, he used to grow coffee and manage the land when Nicolas and Carolina were still children. Nicolás Ocampo remembers while he was still studying in high school, he and his friends would often travel to the farm over weekends to relax and escape the busy city of Cali. When Nicolas and Carlolina’s father sadly passed away, in the year 2000, the siblings started to become more involved with the production of coffee on Finca la Julia.  

 Nicolas and Carolina are both committed to producing specialty coffee but not only this, they want their work on the farm to contribute towards better rural development in Colombia. In 2006, Finca La Julia received its Rainforest Certification for being a coffee business that demonstrates responsibility and commitment towards the surrounding environment of the farm. They have also implemented reforestation projects and have taken measures to protect all water sources on the farm. 

 A lot of people like to visit Finca la Julia, not just for its amazing coffee, but for the relaxing environment that can be found there. Today, the coffee farm has a hotel where people can stay and enjoy nature, learn a little about coffee, and experience the life of a coffee farmer